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Interactive coaching technique
for accelerated goal achievement
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If any of this sounds familiar:
  • There are lots of thoughts in my head - I don't know where to start
  • I have been thinking about this idea for a long time but I won't do anything
  • I'm marking time, it's scary to change something
  • I have a goal, but progress towards it is very slow
  • I dream of quitting my job and starting my own company, but I am not sure I will succeed
  • I do what I love, but I don't earn much
  • I want to develop my business further, but it is not clear where to start

- Thoughts will become a specific list of actions,
- Ideas will be filled with new meaning,
- It will be clear where to go next,
- Your self-confidence will improve!
Ancient Greek philosopher
In an hour of playing, you can learn more about a person than in a year of talking.
Ludmila Jerih
Author of UniversUm® coaching methodology
In an hour of playing, you can learn more about yourself than in a year of thinking!
Individual game session
offline or online

You can individually work through your desires and goals, face to face or online, and get impressive results.
During a session with a facilitator coach (Wizard) in 1.5-2.5 hours, you will understand what you really want and how to achieve it.
Participation in a group game
offline or online

A group of up to 6 people, where everyone works with their own desires and receives a clear action plan for achieving their goals.
Plus, in addition, you can hear tips and tricks from other players if you wish; compare their requests with yours; find out what ideas they have and share your thoughts with them.
Offer for coaches, psychologists, facilitators
Interesting conditions!

Become a Wizard in your city!

You will expand your client base, learn new ways to help people both in your personal life and in business.

Replenish your arsenal of professional tools with a unique and effective technique!
Session for a business team

Find non-standard ideas, set and achieve strategic goals, create a strong team, agree on the rules of interaction, identify difficulties and find solutions - all this can be done using the powerful UniversUm® methodology.

Looking for inspiring results? Find out how the technique can help you solve your problems.

We hold sessions all over the world!
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I want to know how to become
a successful UniversUm® facilitator
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Ludmila Jerih
Author of the UniversUm® method
Professional Coach, Business Trainer, Facilitator
Founder of PRObusiness company
To achieve outstanding results, every person, regardless of career, needs, first of all, an awareness of their mission, values and goals - NOT to develop or improve their skills.

By understanding their true desires and needs, everybody can find a job they love, create happy relationships, and achieve business success.

Asking the right questions is crucial for this.

The UniversUm® coaching technique was created in August 2017 and has repeatedly proven itself in team and individual sessions.

The scientific basis of the methodology is the "Pyramid of Logical Levels" by Robert Dilts.
The Dilts technique allows you to explore a specific dream, goal or task by a sequential transition from the level of the player's current situation to the level of awareness of their mission and purpose.

Descending in a spiral into the depths of their beliefs and emotions, realizing their limitations and inner states, revealing their values and personal qualities,
the player then goes up the spiral to acquire ideas and resources to see new opportunities and to create a concrete action plan to achieve what they want.
Basic principles of coaching:

  • Everyone is endowed with great potential.
  • Each of us already has all the resources we need to achieve everything we really want.
  • We already know the answers to all questions and understand which choice will be the best for us.
  • Everything is possible.
  • Coaching is focused on where a person is at the moment and what they can do to get where they want to be.

UniversUm® asks questions, and in the course of the game the participants find answers, choose the direction of their own development, and realize the necessary actions to achieve what they want.
Latin UNIVERSUM — "One Universe", "totality, community", "the world as a whole", "everything that exists."

UNIVERSUM — is a collection of objects and phenomena as a whole, considered as a single system, the world in the infinity of reality and possibilities.

UNIVERSUM — it is the whole unified UNIVERSE, including all its parts: space, nature, people, which are inextricably linked and interdependent.

Part of the Universe - The Milky Way Galaxy is spiral. That is why the UniversUm® game board has the shape of a double spiral.
The spiral shape is found everywhere in life. Even the DNA molecule itself, contained in every cell of living organisms, has the shape of a spiral. And this spiral is double, which means the balance of opposites.

The same meaning is contained in the Taoist sign "Yin-Yang".
The upward spiral is a masculine sign, the downward spiral is a feminine one, which makes the double helix also a symbol of fertility and procreation.

According to the law of the spiral, nothing in nature repeats itself. Even each new spring is already different from the one that preceded it.

The principle of evolution is based on the same law. As long as consciousness moves in a circle, progress is impossible. But as soon as the movement of consciousness becomes spiral, the circle is open, and each new revolution gives development.
The game has 7 card decks with text and 1 deck of pictures. Each deck contains 120 cards. Total 960 cards.
Strong personal qualities, help from colleagues and professional competence is what can help you achieve your goals. Sometimes you don't even realise this!
Emotions, feelings, states - what you experience in relation to the goal at every stage of achievement. What does this mean? How do feelings affect moving towards the goal?
How does our behavior affect the speed of achieving the goal?
What actions are not even worth starting, what is desirable to continue or what must be done on the way to the dream?
How can thoughts influence the process or outcome of an achievement?
What has been laid down since childhood? Which beliefs set boundaries and which contribute to achievement?
Each of us is unique, possessing a different set of personal qualities.
For a specific task, some qualities help and push you towards the goal, while others can interfere.
UniversUm® will ask a lot of questions that will make you think about how important the goal is and what will achieve it, what were the limitations before and how best to act now. The answers to these questions will provide a powerful impetus for moving forward.
Valuable thoughts of great people will expand worldview and direct thinking towards finding and realising new opportunities to develop and unleash the potential of both personal and company.
Deck Metaphorical Associative Cards (MAC)
Metaphorical pictures of stunning beauty and hidden detail awaken right-brain thinking, turn on the imagination and extract from the depths of consciousness an understanding of what a person really wants.
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What our clients say
The game opens people up. It encourages people to be more honest, more open and not afraid to talk about themselves and their feelings. I have a feeling that we have become close.
The coaching elements in the game are used in the most amazing way. They help expand horizons and move forward.
The game helped me to correctly formulate my goal and task. It is very important for me.
Very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The game is very interesting, resourceful and it opens you up - you want to talk, you want to reflect.
I had a lot of confirmation of what I already understood. I saw a lot of things worth thinking about. Everything became clear, simpler and obvious for me.
In the game, you need to be able to ask the right questions. And here the role of the Master is important, as they need to find very precise wording and ask questions competently, calmly and clearly. They definitely help you find your answer without imposing their opinion.
The main feeling is openness and simplicity. And you understand that achieving your goals is as simple and easy as playing a game!
The game is very simple and straightforward yet, at the same time, very deep in its essence.
I admire how deeply the game is thought through in terms of design, quality and content. There are a lot of different questions and ideas in it. You get a lot of discoveries and insights. I can't wait to play more!
At the start of the game, I was a bit sceptical about how things would unfold. Little did I know that I would discover the splinter that had so much eluded me. At the end of the session, I felt grateful for the opportunity.
I was a little nervy before the start and came loaded with an ongoing family issue. Not without effort but weirdly rewarding, I found new perspectives, remembered old ones which I had forgotten and enjoyed a very thorough and objective session. It has an uncanny knack of finding insight, and I learnt something new. You won't forget UniversUm®!
An amazing way to gradually gain insight into what is holding you back and even which steps might be important for you to continue on your path. Next to coaching the magic of the games happens to you; for me a new, fun and interesting approach to coaching!
It helped me realise where I need to focus more. I definitely had a few light bulb moments and received inspiration together with new information to look at and explore further.
UNIVERSUM® Coaching game: Five Stars! On a practical and user experience level the game is well designed graphically, works very smoothly and is engaging. On a coaching level I was astounded with how accurate it seemed to be in inviting me to consider actions that are very pertinent for me in the here and now.
Play UniversUm®! Get an answer from the Universe!
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